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The SynEry project has received funding from the Horizon Europe programme under grant agreement No 101046894


About SynEry

SynEry aims to leap innovation by providing a scalable, on demand artificial blood substitute, via design of a Synthetic Erythrocyte facsimile.

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While relatively well under control in western countries, availability of red blood cell products for transfusion medicine suffers from insufficient supply and elevated risks of transfusion-transmitted infections in less developed regions, where it burdens the effective delivery and safety of key health services and interventions. Likewise, in scenarios of natural disasters, pandemics or military conflicts, donated blood becomes a scarce life-saving resource.


Instabilities and complications in global blood supply demand a more stable and robust alternative to blood products.


SynEry: a Synthetic Erythrocyte that can be mass-manufactured from cost-effective raw materials.


Disruption of the current blood transfusion practices. Providing low cost widely available artificial blood.

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