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The SynEry project has received funding from the Horizon Europe programme under grant agreement No 101046894


Our Vision

SynEry aims to leap innovation by providing a scalable, on demand artificial blood substitute, via design of an adequate Synthetic Erythrocyte facsimile that can be cost-effectively produced from the bottom-up using pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing facilities.

In first instance SynEry envisions to provide a global solution in the field of transfusion medicine, yet the long-term vison and applicability go far beyond:


Erythrocytes are, in essence, naturally occurring carriers of a large biological molecules, strategies that mimic aspects of the erythrocyte or even erythrocytes themselves have been demonstrated as effective drug delivery systems. An in vitro manufactured synthetic erythrocyte, with excellent biocompatibility and easy to load with biomolecules, could, therefore, become an ideal drug delivery platform.


The technology developed in SynEry is generic and, in principle, applicable for a broad set of artificial cells. We envision to explore adaptation of the SynEry technology to build other artificial therapeutic cells (e.g. mimicking effector T-cell functionalities).


Cardiovascular imaging

The SynEry consortium will co-develop imaging technology in order to follow the fate of synthetic erythrocytes and their precursors in a living animal over time (mouse model). This technology (in particular of simpler precursor models) will be broadly applicable for cardiovascular imaging.

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